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The Secrets of the Belline Oracle

ISBN: 172746589X
Сategory: Religion
Date: December 9, 2018
Number of pages: 330 pages
Language: English
Format: AZW3
Did you know that the most revered esoteric divination deck in Europe after Tarot is the Belline oracle? A French cartomancy reference since its first publication, the oracle's illustrations were created in the 1800s by Edmond, famous card reader and astrologer whose clients included Alexandre Dumas, Victor Hugo, Napoleon III and many alumni of the time. Marcel Forget, known as Belline, Prince of Seers used his name and reputation to bring the oracle to the masses in the 1960s; many books in French have been published since, but no significant English manual on the Belline Oracle has come to light - until now! Following her significant contribution to the Lenormand oracle's renaissance, Sylvie Steinbach introduces the Secrets of the Belline Oracle, sharing her analysis of the fifty-three cards supporting Edmond's definitions, and her use of the oracle for modern card reading. With this essential introduction, you will learn to understand the 53 cards' meanings by unlocking their symbolism, integrate Sylvie Steinbach's contemporary attributes on the original definitions, apply the cards using basic and advanced spreads that address any type of inquiries, and offer spiritual readings such as mediumship, past life and manifestation work to your clients. If you seek to expand your knowledge on oracles, this manual is your next step to mastering the Edmond-Belline oracle masterpiece.

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