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- Please add only English title/s.
- Please supply the author's name/s and the title/s (If your request is too vague or broad it is more than likely going to be ignored so provide as much info as you can.)
- Please check your spelling of authors/titles you require, incorrectly spelled book requests often yield no results.
- Please state the format you would like EPUB, PDF or AZW3.
- Please check the publication date if it is a new release and ensure it has been published.
- Please add the ISBN of the book as this is often a search criteria for our helpers.

Request! [Name of title] by [Author] ([ISBN-10 or ISBN-13]) [format/s]

Example! The E-Myth Enterprise: How to Turn A Great Idea Into a Thriving Business by Michael E. Gerber (ISBN-10: 0061733695) EPUB

Attention! A request without ISBN-10 or ISBN-13 will be deleted!

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