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Failure to Launch: How to Handle Your Commitment-phobic Man

Date: July 26th, 2015
Number of pages: 90 pages
Language: English
Format: AZW3
Learn Secrets about Men Who Cannot Commit That Most Women Will Never Know

Most women are very surprised when a man becomes distant, when they find out he isn’t ready for commitment, or worse, when he turns around and starts running away.

It’s time to use the secrets of the men who cannot commit and find out:
• What a Great Relationship Should Look Like
• When You Realize Your Relationship is Going Nowhere
• Carol and her Commitment-phobic Man
• The Two Biggest Myths About Commitment-phobic Men
• The Root Cause of a Fear to Commit and how to avoid it
• When He Says, “But I love you!”
• Is All of This Your Fault? Are you ‘high maintenance or needy’ like he might claim?
• One Factor that Will Dramatically Increase His Fear to Commit
• How to Detect His Fear to Commit Early On
• Different Types of Commitment-phobic Men(the good, that can be fixed, and the bad, where you should never wait and hope for him to change)
• The Attachment Styles and the role they’ll play. Are you compatible with him?
• Why Do I Keep Attracting That Type Of Man?
• A Little Trick to Keep His Fear to Commit at Bay
• Why Some Men with Commitment Issues Cheat
• What To Avoid (make any of these mistakes and he’ll feel so trapped in the relationship that he will start running away).
• My quick strategy to make a man commit.

Commitment is not a one-time decision. It’s a decision made each and every single day. In fairy tales or romantic Hollywood movies, commitment comes easy. When all of the problems have been overcome, the man and women readily commit to each other (with or without a wedding ring), and they live happily ever after. Forever.

It is my personal belief that reality is different than what we see in movies. Unfortunately, today’s insanely high divorce rate validates this thought.

Commitment is not a one-time decision; it’s a recurring decision. Love and commitment are not unconditional. Rather, it is a process of working on having the best possible relationship with your partner. And clearly, both parties need to be willing to work together toward this goal.

And there’s more. Commitment is not made when the engagement ring is shown, or when two people move in together. It’s a gradual process that starts the very first second two people meet. That’s only the beginning; the moment when they get to know each other and find out if there is a chance of them being together. Then comes the first kiss, the first time, the first this and that. Gradually the couple continues to grow closer to each other, sometimes with a couple of obstacles or bumps in the road. In a graph, the trend line would always be going up. You may take two steps forward, one step backward here and there, but in general, the relationship is moving steadily forward. For some people, this process goes very quickly. For others, more time is needed.

For the man who’s afraid to commit, however, this is not how it works. The graph will look very erratic, going up and down without a clear trend; his insecurity and instability rules the course of the relationship.
That’s when the emotional rollercoaster ride starts.

In this book I’ll teach you why it happens, what the root causes are and what you can, should and need to do about it so you can be in a fulfilling relationship that will be about you and him, not just about him.

Good luck!

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