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Build Your Business In 90 Minutes A Day

ISBN: 0857086014
Date: June 8, 2015
Number of pages: 192 pages
Language: English
Format: PDF
A super practical guide to building a successful business by spending ninety minutes a day on the stuff that really matters. 

Have you got a brilliant business idea, but are not sure how to find the time to start making it a reality? Or perhaps you have your dream up and running but you need help to grow?
Join best-selling author and multi-award winning entrepreneur, Nigel Botterill, and his co-author Martin Gladdish, as they explore the history, wisdom and uncanny natural phenomena that surrounds each 90 minute chunk of time that we live in and equip you with the tools to think big, grow fast and build your successful business in those 90–minute chunks!
Build Your Business in 90 Minutes A Day reveals lessons from the true stories of everyday entrepreneurs who dedicate 90 minutes a day to building their success. Woven amongst these inspirational tales are the remarkable accounts of world-changing events from English history, space  and popular culture, that were determined in just 90 minutes. Amidst pages of startling science fact surrounding this magical number, you will learn just how powerful it can be when applied to your life. An hour and a half will never seem quite the same again.
Nigel has built eight separate million pound+ businesses from scratch and won a shed full of awards in the process. No one knows better than him what it takes to build big businesses fast! 
  • Designed to be read in just 90 minutes (plus a few extra bits)
  • Packed with tools to help you think big, grow fast and build a successful business
  • A mixture of wisdom, teaching and success stories from Nigel Botterill and the entrepreneurs he has helped

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